J Balvin’s Best Fashion Moments Prove He’s Not Afraid to Be Bold

It’s J Balvin‘s world and we’re just living in it.

The reggaetonero, whose real name is José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, continues to take over the charts with his hit-making music. But his songs aren’t the only thing worth swooning over, as he’s proven time and time again he’s a force in fashion.

“I think fashion is a way to express yourself without even talking,” J Balvin told E! News in an exclusive interview last summer. “People will be like, ‘If I was famous, I would wear this.’ But it’s not about being famous. Since I was a kid, I was wearing whatever I wanted.”

He added, “I’m dressing the way I’m dressing because I feel that it is good.”

And if you thought the superstar’s electrifying style would change after becoming a father to Rio, 22 months, you’ll want to follow suit with his philosophy.

“Being a dad is a huge role. It’s a top priority,” J Balvin shared. “But you still don’t have to become or act like a dad. I don’t want to start wearing boring clothes because that’s how a dad is supposed to act.”

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